July 2020, Announcement regarding COVID-19

Wildcraft is open as usual for all online orders, however I've restricted my dispatches to 1-2 times per week so as to limit visits to the local Royal Mail office. Orders therefore may take a day or so longer to reach you than usual. I work from home in a rural location, so we're fairly well isolated even under normal circumstances. Rest assured however that I am also following all UK government guidelines regarding safe business practice during the COVID-19 outbreak. Thank you for your patience, and I am truly grateful for your business.

Wildcraft is an independent mail-order craft shop, founded in 2008.  We specialise in artisan-made materials and tools for hand spinners, knitters and fibre crafters.   Some of our products are made with materials grown on our own farm, many of them are hand dyed or made by ourselves, a few are the result of creative collaborations with other independent craftspeople.  Everything we offer is inspired in some way by the natural world.  

We are also UK distributors of Unicorn Fibre Washing Products, including Power Scour, a specialised and highly effective product for degreasing raw wool.