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Shearing UK

Robert Derry, owner of Shearing UK, has shorn our flock for three years now.  He's unphased by our incredibly woolly Ryelands, is an extremely competent shearer and runs his business in a very professional manner.  He specialises in small flocks, but we'd heartily recommend him to any flock owner, whether you have just a couple of sheep, or dozens of them.

Oakley Butchers, Broadstone Dorset

High quality butchers award winning, local Sourced free range beef, pork and lamb, farm assured chicken,local game and venison in season,Dorset and English cheeses, burgers, sausages, home cooked quiches, meats, pies, weekly special offers

Oakley are suppliers of mutton from our Ryeland flock, when they can keep it on the shelves - it sells rather quickly!

Lightwater Coloured Ryelands

A prizewinning coloured Ryeland flock based in Northumberland. Our founding Ryeland ram, Giles, is of Lightwater breeding.

Margreed Ryelands

The official page for the Wildcraft flock.

 Margreed Mutton

Mutton from our own flock of Ryeland and crossbred Ryeland sheep. 

My good friend Debs is an expert on barefoot trimming for horses.  My three horses are kept barefoot, I believe they're healthier and happier for it. Hoofgeek is a mine of info for anyone interested in the techniques and philosophy involved in natural horse hoof care.

Tesson Associates Software Design

This website is the result of collaborative result between Karen and Diccon Tesson, owners of Tesson Associates, a software design and computing consultancy company.