Wildcraft Club - Add a Spindle


Would you like to supplement your club membership with a limited edition club spindle?  This listing adds a resin club-edition spindle to your current club membership, for a single installment.  The design of each installment's spindle is kept a closely-guarded secret until the club is actually shipped, but it will complement the fibre colourway for that month.  You can add as many extra spindles as you like, only please ensure you do so at least a month before the club's due to ship so that I know to make the extras for you.

Also, please let me know in the comments field of your order for which installment you'd like to have the spindle.

Please note - the spindles pictured are intended to be representative of past club installments.  You won't receive any of these designs, you'll get the spindle design for the installment you've signed up for. 

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