Unicorn Power Scour - 1 (US) Gallon container


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A huge 1 (US) gallon container (3.78l) of Power Scour (equivalent to eight 16oz bottles).  Represents a considerable saving over the bottle price.  Perfect if you have a lot of wool to wash!


Use Power Scour for wool washing and wool cleaning fiber with heavier burdens of grease, wax, suint, dirt and clay, typically found in sheep, goat and bison fibers. Easily dissipates soils and dirt while protecting the fibre cuticle.  

• Cleans even at lower temperatures
• Eliminates build-up of cleaning agents
• Cost effective -- use significantly less to scour
• Reduces mats and tangles
• Eliminates Odours -- Non-yellowing
• Leaves fibre with a clean, fresh aroma
• Biodegradable - Earth Friendly - no Fillers