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Permits easy washing (scouring) and conditioning of raw fleece, fiber and yarns.  Use Power Scour for cleaning fiber with heavier burdens of grease, wax, suint, dirt and clay, typically found in sheep, goat and bison fibers. Easily dissipates soils and dirt while protecting the fibre cuticle.  

• Cleans even at lower temperatures
• Eliminates build-up of cleaning agents
• Cost effective -- use significantly less to scour
• Reduces mats and tangles
• Eliminates Odours -- Non-yellowing
• Leaves fibre with a clean, fresh aroma
• Biodegradable - Earth Friendly - no fillers


Power Scour can also be used to clean:

  • Fabrics:  Wool and natural fibres,  cloth nappies, feather duvets, animal bedding, pillows, sleeping bags, carpeting
  • Sports: uniforms and sportswear
  • Crafts - cleans brushes used with acrylics.



Instructions: Follow manufacturers care label directions


To  Hand Wash Fabric: ½ Tbsp Power Scour per gallon warm to hot water (depending on item). Soak for 15 minutes. Rinse in tepid water. Do NOT rub or agitate wool*.

To Machine Wash: 1oz (25ml) in front loading washing machine with warm to hot water*. Rinse.

To Scour Fleece: Example: 1 Tbsp Power Scour mixed into 2 gallons hot tap water. Add 1lb raw fleece*. Soak 20 minutes. Rinse


Tips: Use Unicorn Fibre Wash for lightly soiled fabrics and delicates.  For best anti-static benefits, use with Unicorn Fibre Rinse.



See Unicorn website for more details. If second wash is needed, use half the amount of Power Scour.

Sizes available:

  • 16oz (454ml) bottle
  • 4oz (114ml) bottle

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