REDUCED! Raw Shetland Shearling Sheep Fleece from 'Y Front', Grey Katmoget - Free UK Shipping!


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REDUCED by 25% - was £33, now £25 (including UK shipping!)

1.45kg raw grey fleece from 'Y Front', one of our Shetland wethers (so named because he has a facial marking that looks like the letter Y).  Y Front was born in 2018, so this is a shearling/first clip fleece.   He's a grey Katmoget Shetland, so his fleece carries a variety of grey shades from mid-grey to very pale.  His wool is very fine, with a lovely tight crimp.  It has that desirable 'cobwebby' texture that you find in only the finest of Shetland fleeces.  The staple length from the shoulder area of his fleece is about 9cm - and this length is fairly consistent throughout the fleece.

This is a whole fleece, lightly skirted and rolled in the traditional manner.  We've included the belly wool as it is clean and useable.  As with all our fleeces, you may find a few second cuts in this, although our shearer has done his best to minimise these.  Our sheep are clean, healthy and grass-fed and happy.  With the exception of our in-lamb ewes, they live outdoors all year round.  Our flock is relatively small (around 50 sheep), comprising a mix of Ryelands, Shetlands and their crosses, bred and selected particularly to produce fleeces for handspinners in interesting natural colours.  I know each of my sheep by name.  Their high-quality clean fleeces reflect their health and happiness.

Please note, this is raw unwashed wool.  It contains lanolin, natural soil and vegetable matter from the fields in which the sheep live.  Although the fleece has been well skirted and checked, you may find the occasional bramble thorn or thistle - please check it over thoroughly before digging your hands in.  Wash your hands well after handling any raw wool.

The price includes shipping to any UK address (sorry but we don't send raw wool outside of the UK).  We'll also include a free 1oz sample bottle each of Unicorn Power Scour and Fibre Rinse for you to try, which is sufficient to wash 200-300g of fleece.