Homegrown Shetland Wool Sliver - 300g Colourwork Spectrum Set


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Want to try a few of our Shetland wool colours?  Shetland wool makes a lovely softly springy yarn.  It felts readily, so would be ideal for both wet and needle felting as well as for hand spinning.  Sliver is made from carded fibre, so this preparation is perfect for longdraw spinning, although it will spin up beautifully from a worsted draw too.  

This is a colourwork set of carded fibre from our own sheep.  The pack contains 50g each of all six of the Shetland colours we have available, giving you a total of 300g of wool fibre.  The colours in the pack are: Fawn, Pale Grey, Pale Moorit (light brown), Dark Grey, Dark Brown and Shetland Black (darkest black/brown).  Please note, the Dark brown and Shetland Black are very similar to one another, but they have been processed as different batches, and if you look closely, you'll see that the Shetland black is a slightly darker shade.

You'll find a little vegetable matter (VM) in these, as my sheep enjoy their winter hay and the mill washes the fleeces gently so VM isn't always stripped out.  It drops out easily during spinning.  Since the fibre's been gently washed, there's some residual lanolin in the wool, which results in a smooth spinning experience, the lanolin's easy to wash out after spinning.

This year we sent our fleeces to Halifax Mill for processing into sliver for spinning.  They've done a wonderful job on it, the fibre is beautifully carded and easy to spin.