Hand Dyed Wool Tops - 200g Mini Bundle Set, Cool Colours, for spinning or felting


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A set of eight 25g bundles of hand dyed wool fibre in a variety of cool blue and green shades.  Total pack weight is approximately 200g. The wools come from a variety of sheep breeds, each bundle is labelled according to which breed it comes from.  In this pack, the breeds represented include: Merino, Shetland, Romney and Southdown.

This set would be perfect for handspinners looking to try out different fibre types and colours, or for felters who want just a little of many different shades. 

The fibre will arrive in a single package, with each 25g colourway rolled into a 'mini bundle'.

Please note: while we try to photograph our fibre as accurately as possible, variations between monitors mean that your screen may not show the exact shade of the fibre in real life.  If you have any queries or are looking for a particular colour match, do message me, I'll try to help.