100g Hand Dyed Merino Wool Top for Handspinning or Felting - 'Tide Pool’


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100g merino wool top for hand spinning or felting.  Easy to spin as it's not the superfine grade of merino, so it has a little bulk and airiness that you might not otherwise associate with the breed, while retaining merino's typical softness.  Would make a lovely soft yarn, suitable for shawls, hats, baby clothes etc. The wool is easy to wet felt and needle felts beautifully.

The fibre was dyed with random mixtures of colour, so the colourway is unrepeatable and unique.  In some of our colourways the dye only partly penetrates the fibre in places, or splashes of colour are applied to give a 'patchwork' effect.  These random colour patterns are intentional and will give a lovely variation of colour to your finished yarn or project.  The wool in this blend is a natural grey colour, which will make a pretty heathered effect when spun.

While we try to photograph our fibre as accurately as possible, variations between monitors mean that your screen may not show the exact shade of the fibre in real life.  If you have any queries or are looking for a particular colour match, do message me, I'll try to help.