Wildcraft's New Shop Front

  • Welcome to the revamped Wildcraft shop.  You should find this version easier to navigate and for finding products. The checkout's smoother too.
  • For existing Wildcraft users, we've transferred over your postal address and email details.  You will however need to register with the new shop as a new user.  Clicking 'create an account' at the top of the home page will get you started with this.  Provided you use the same email address as before, once you've registered your account, you'll see your postal address has already been filled in for you.
  • Alternatively, you can also complete the account setup process when you check out for the first time from the new shop - the checkout procedure will guide you through how to do it.  
  • In short, if you've shopped with us before, please don't be alarmed if you see your postal address details filled in after you register your account.  This just means that our transfer process has worked!

  • Unfortunately we haven't been able to carry over details of any prior orders.  If you need information concerning past orders, do please contact us.
  • We also haven't carried over details of any club subscriptions. Rest assured, all your club details are unaffected.  We do have plans to make a super duper club records system, which you'll be able to log onto to see all your club information - keep an eye on our newsletter for further updates on that.
  • Thanks for your patience as we make this transfer to our new web home. If you have any queries, do please get in touch.