Unicorn Fibre Rinse - 1 (US) Gallon container


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A huge 1 (US) gallon container (3.78l) of Fibre Rinse (equivalent to eight 16oz bottles).  Represents a considerable saving over the bottle price.  Perfect if you have a lot of fibre to condition!


Concentrated fabric softener. Leaves fabrics soft and fresh, with a hint of lavender.  Fibre Rinse is designed to optimize conditioning of the natural fibre (wool, etc.) cuticle and enhance the softness of delicate synthetic items. Provides lustre, softness and anti-static benefits to all natural fibres. Refreshing fragrance and non-yellowing. Reduces the "itch factor" in wools. Earth friendly, biodegradable. 


Reduces the 'itch factor'

Rinses easily and thoroughly


No fillers

Use in hard or soft water


Minimize dye loss

Prevents flyaways


Use for:

Delicates – lingerie, lace, silk

Fabrics – cotton, linen, synthetics.

Hand knits or wovens – wool, alpaca, cashmere

Sportswear – workout gear, swimwear

Bedding – down, synthetic fibre fill

Crafts – spinning, dyeing, weaving, knitting.


To use:

Hand wash: ½ tbsp Fibre Rinse per gallong lukewarm water. Swish to blend product into water. Immerse garment for a few minutes. DO NOT rub or agitate wool.

Machine wash: 1oz (25ml) in front loading machine in softener dispenser. Cool or warm water setting.

Dry: To avoid tonal colour change or shrinkage, dry knits away from dyrect heat or sun.

Note: Do not use on flame-resistant clothes or kids sleepwear.

Tips: Use Unicorn Power Scour for tough laundering of soil, stains and odours.


Use Unicorn Fibre Wash for all other laundering needs.