Tweedy Carded Wool/Luxury Fibre Mystery Batt Set 100g - 'Spring Mist'


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Two 50g fibre batts (total weight 100g approx), carded on my drumcarder several times for a lightly blended mix.  The 'Mystery' part refers to the precise composition of the blend, as every batt is different and randomly created from the selection of fibres I have on hand at the time.  We aim to use a mimimum of 50% wool in these batts, the remaining fibre is made up from a selection of 'luxury' materials, which could include silk, alpaca, camel down, soy silk, trilobal nylon - or a mixture of several of these.  Many of the batts also include  some synthetic angelina fibres for sparkle. 

These are lightly blended batts which have been through the drum carder at least twice, leaving them lofty and easy to draft from, yet with an interesting variation in colour that makes a 'tweedy' effect when spun.  They're super for long-draw spinning, but work well with a worsted draw too.  The colourway is a one-of-a-kind mix, chosen at random from my stock of hand-dyed fibre.

The yarn sample pictured was spun from the scraps of fibre cleaned from my drum carder after making the batts.  It should give you an idea of the kind of look you could get when the fibre is spun.

Some superwash fibre may be included in the mix, so we can't guarantee that they will felt.  

While we haven't intentionally included mohair, we can't guarantee that the fibre is totally mohair-free, as some of the oddments included for colour may have contained mohair fibre.  

Total fibre weight is approximately 100g.

Contains at least 50% wool.  The remaining content is comprised of 'luxury' fibre (which may be silk, alpaca, camel,soy silk or trilobal nylon, or a mixture of several of these).