Silk Hankies - 'Satsuma'


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Approximately 25g of silk mawata squares, dyed in random colours ready for you to draft out and spin. Also known as silk hankies, a packet of these is comprised of many layers of silk. Each layer is formed from a single silk cocoon, which has been stretched out on a frame, before stacking together with many others. To spin, you'll need to separate the layers and either pre-draft the long silk fibres, or attenuate them while you spin. There's a bit of a knack to it, but silk hankies are lots of fun to spin and they make a beautiful lustrous yarn.

PLEASE NOTE: This particular pack is contaminated with a few undissolved crumbs of yellow dye. They should shake out as you work with the fibre, but do please be aware that they are unfixed dye and as such they may mark your fingers and/or other items.  The dye is otherwise very well set, these undyed crumbs are simply the result of a highly saturated dyelot. The price is reduced to reflect this.  Normally £7, now £5.