SECONDS Resin Drop Spindle - Viola Mix


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SALE: Was £25, now £20.  This spindle is slightly unbalanced.  The wobble is only slight, not enough to affect the functionality of the spindle.  The price however is reduced to reflect the imperfection.  

Resin top-whorl spindle with a selection of real garden flowers embedded in the whorl.  The spindle has a walnut wood shaft.  The whorl is notched to the back of the hook. Total weight is 24g.  The handmade silver plated hook is in a swan-neck style, which balances the yarn properly above the centre of the spindle. Long shaft, so you can fit plenty of yarn on this spindle. Has been test spun to ensure it has good balance. 

This spindle is supplied with a robust custom-made shipping container, which also acts as a handy carrying case for later.  

The resin used for the whorl contains a UV protectant, however for longest life without yellowing, we recommend that you store your spindle away from direct sunlight.

Whorl diameter is approx 5.5cm.

Shaft length is approx 28cm.