SALE: Unicorn Fibre Wash, Large - Old Style Bottle


Sold Out

We've had a bit of  a clear-out in the stock room and found some older bottles of Fibre Wash.  These have the pump style lid and the old label design, but the product inside is exactly the same as the current version.  On offer for 50% of our usual price (usually £16.00).  Very limited number of bottles available at this price.


Strong enough for rough and tumble fabrics, yet gentle on delicate hand-knit creations.

No harsh ingredients


Use in hard or soft water

High level of biodegradability.


Deep cleans and refreshes:

Delicates – lingerie, lace, silk

Fabrics – cotton, linen, synthetics

Hand knits or wovens – wool, alpaca, cashmere

Sportswear – workout gear, swimwear

Bedding – down, synthetic fibre fill



Hand wash – ½ tbsp fibre wash per gallon lukewarm water. Swish and blend product into water. Immerse garment and soak 15 minutes. Rinse.

Machine Wash: 10z (25ml) in washer with cool to warm water. Rinse. Delicate setting.


Tips: Use Unicorn Power Scour for tough laundering of soil, stains and odours.

To avoid tonal colour change or shrinkage, dry knits away from direct heat or sun.

For best anti-static benefits, use with Unicorn Fibre Rinse.



Sizes available:

  • 16oz (454ml) bottle
  • 4oz (114ml) bottle