Resin Spinner's Diz with Threader: Larkspur Petals


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A spinner's diz, complete with threading hook. The diz is made from resin, with real larkspur petals embedded. The hook is made with one of my own handmade lampwork beads for the handle. The diz is approx 5.5cm diameter and has four holes in various sizes. The threader is attached to the diz on a hemp cord, the threader is attached via a split ring, so it's removable. A diz is used for preparing roving from combed or carded wool. You can use it for drawing fibre off from wool combs or a hackle, or from wool on a drum carder. You can also use it for drawing down and predrafting commercially prepared top. Interesting colour effects can be achieved if you draft two or more colours of top through the diz at the same time.