Resin Drop Spindle - Honeysuckle and Guelder Rose


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PLEASE NOTE: This spindle is slightly unlevel.  It's still perfectly useable, but it has a slight wobble when it's spun.  For this reason, the price is reduced from the usual £25 to £20.


Resin top-whorl spindle with real honeysuckle and guelder rose blossoms embedded in the whorl.  The spindle has a beech wood shaft.  The whorl is notched to the back of the hook. Total weight is 26g.  The handmade bronze hook is in a swan-neck style, which balances the yarn properly above the centre of the spindle. Long shaft, so you can fit plenty of yarn on this spindle. 

This spindle is supplied with a robust custom-made shipping container, which also acts as a handy carrying case for later.  

The resin used for the whorl contains a UV protectant, however for longest life without yellowing, we recommend that you store your spindle away from direct sunlight.

Whorl diameter is approx 5.5cm.

Shaft length is approx 28cm.