Raw Fleece Washing Pack: Shetland


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A complete learning pack for those new to washing raw fleece.  Includes:

  • 100g Raw Shetland Fleece (grey) from 'Oban', one of our purebred Shetland sheep, born in 2013.  
  • 100g Raw Shetland Fleece (dark brown/black) from 'Eriskay', one of our purebred Shetland ewes, born in 2013 (Oban and Eriskay were twin lambs from the same ewe)
  • One 25ml sachet of Unicorn Power Scour
  • One 25ml sachet of Unicorn Fibre Rinse
  • A zipped net bag to hold the fleece while washing
  • A pair of disposable plastic gloves
  • A printed leaflet with step-by-step instructions on how to wash raw fleece

  • Please note, this is raw unwashed wool.  It contains lanolin, natural soil and vegetable matter from the fields in which the sheep live.  Although the fleece has been well skirted and checked, you may find the occasional bramble thorn or thistle - please check it over thoroughly before digging your hands in! 
  • Unfortunately postal regulations restrict us from sending raw fleece to the USA, Australia or New Zealand. Other countries may also disallow import of raw fleece, please check locally with your postal authority before ordering this item.