Raw Fleece from 'Oban': Shetland Shearling, Grey, 100g


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100g of raw fleece from 'Oban', one of our purebred Shetland sheep, born in 2013.  This is Oban's first clip and he's produced some gorgeous fine wool.  He's a grey katmoget and his fleece varies in colour from pale grey to dark browny/black - with some lovely mid grey shades in between.

Oban's fleece was "roo'd" (plucked instead of shorn).  Many Shetland sheep naturally shed their fleeces, and on these sheep, at the right time of year, their fleece can be plucked by hand instead of cut with shears.  A roo'd fleece is lifted from above the natural yearly  break point in the staple, so you won't get any second cuts from shears in this.

Please note, this is raw unwashed wool.  It contains lanolin, natural soil and vegetable matter from the fields in which the sheep live.  Although the fleece has been well skirted and checked, you may find the occasional bramble thorn or thistle - please check it over thoroughly before digging your hands in!