Raw Fleece from 'Eriskay': Shetland Shearling, Brown/Black, 100g


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100g of raw fleece from 'Eriskay', one of our purebred Shetland sheep, born in 2013.  This is Eris' first clip and she's produced some lovely coloured wool.  She's a 'Shetland Black' - dark brown with pale brown tips.  Eris' fleece was shorn, so you may find some second cuts in this, we've picked out as many as possible, but the odd one or two may remain.

Please note, this is raw unwashed wool.  It contains lanolin, natural soil and vegetable matter from the fields in which the sheep live.  Although the fleece has been well skirted and checked, you may find the occasional bramble thorn or thistle - please check it over thoroughly before digging your hands in!