Painted Wooden Drop Spindle, Top Whorl, Blue Hearts


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A simple wooden drop spindle with a pretty handpainted design on the top.  Designed with beginners in mind, the top-whorl design is well balanced and easy to spin.  The whorl is about 7cm across and the whole spindle weighs approximately 27g.  Although it's light, the wide whorl will enable you to spin almost any thickness of yarn as it spins evenly and for a long time.

The hand forged hook is made from steel, and the whorl is made from MDF (wood fibre board); the spindle's shaft is birch.  The painted design is varnished and waxed for a rustic 'distressed' look.  The whorl is notched behind the hook.  The spindle and hook have designed with robustness in mind, the spindle should remain balanced even if it acquires some dings from being dropped.

Supplied one of our sturdy cardboard packing tubes, which works well for storing the spindle too.  We'll also include a little bit of pure wool top (20-30g) for you to practice with.  The top may be a different colour from the creamy white fibre in the photos.

Please note this kit comes without printed instructions.  We do however have an ebook available for those new to spinning on a drop spindle.