Hybrid Wood/Resin Drop Spindle - Oak Shards


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Something a bit special.  This is a hybrid wood/resin spindle, made with epoxy resin and fragments of oak branches gathered from our own farmland. I've been developing the techniques for making these for many months.  The whorl isn't made in a mould, rather it's made from a blank cut from a block of prepared resin/wood, which is turned on my woodworking lathe to create a unique and well-balanced shape.  This is followed by many stages of sanding and polishing to create a clear finish.  The wood pieces show up many surprises as they're cut and polished, and you may see some tooling marks where the material has been worked. This is all part of the handmade nature of the piece.  The material is strong and stable, plenty strong enough to survive if you drop it.

The blue staining in the resin isn't an artificial pigment.  Before embedding in resin, the oak branches I used to make this spindle were stained by a naturally-occurring fungus, which stains the timber blue.  During the embedding process, the natural colour has leached from the wood, staining the resin around it, adding a pretty blue tint to parts of the whorl.

The spindle has a cherry wood shaft, 23cm long, which is short enough that you can easily use the spindle while sitting in a chair.  The whorl is notched to the back of the hook. Total weight is 36g.  The handmade silver plated hook is in a swan-neck style, which balances the yarn properly above the centre of the spindle.  Has been test spun, proving it has a beautiful balanced spin.  

To see this actual spindle in action, take a look at this video: https://youtu.be/E96VoslNqdg

This spindle is supplied with a robust custom-made shipping container, which also acts as a handy carrying case for later.  

The resin used for the whorl contains a UV protectant, however for longest life without yellowing, we recommend that you store your spindle away from direct sunlight.

Whorl diameter is approx 5.7cm.  It is approximately 1.4cm thick.

Shaft length is approx 23cm.