Handmade Copper Buttons - Leaf Pattern 18mm


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A set of four handmade copper buttons, embossed with a leaf design.  I start with copper sheet, which is first embossed with a pattern made with a real leaf.  The buttons are then cut and formed, before a final polish and pass through my tumble polisher to clean and harden them.   These buttons are approx 18mm diameter.  They were originally a bright copper colour, but with time they will develop a lovely patina that softens and mellows their appearance.

The buttons are washable, but I recommend hand washing to protect their natural patina.

Although the leaf design is similar on each button, they do vary slightly due to their handmade nature and to the variation in the natural materials used to create the patterning.

There are several sets available, but only one is pictured, so although the sets are very similar, you might not receive the exact one in the photo.