English Wool Blend Dyed Top - 'Kingston Parakeet'


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A 100g braid of blended English wool tops. The fibre has a medium staple length and medium softness. Easy to spin, perfect for beginners; a great value blend.  The length of fibre is loosely crochet chained to create the braid that you see here.

This particular braid was 'gradient' dyed with long, non-repeating sections of colour that shift gradually from one shade to the next.

 While we try to photograph our fibre as accurately as possible, variations between monitors mean that your screen may not show the exact shade of the fibre in real life.  If you have any queries or are looking for a particular colour match, do message me, I'll try to help.

Note: The dark teal/blue shade on this fibre was particularly difficult to photograph accurately, and I've just noticed that the two photos show it looking a bit different in each one.  In real life it's near to a rich teal blue, rather than the more denim-blue that the first photograph depicts.