Carded Wool/Luxury Fibre Rolag Set - 'Mystique'


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A 25g pack of several handmade rolags.  Just enough to give you a try at spinning them, or mix several different packs for larger amount of multi-coloured yarn.  

These were lightly drumcarded and drawn off as rolags.  The randomly-selected fibres include hand-dyed wool (often Merino, Shetland or Bluefaced Leicester) a generous proportion of silk and small lots of various other wool and luxurious non-wool fibres (for streaks of colour), plus sometimes a sprinkling of sparkly  nylon fibre too.

These little tubes of fibre are super for long-draw spinning, but work well with a worsted draw too.

We haven't used any superwash fibre in these, so they should be suitable for wet felting.

While we haven't intentionally included mohair, we can't guarantee that the fibre is totally mohair-free, as some of the oddments included for colour may have contained mohair fibre.  

Total fibre weight is approximately 25g.

Contains at least 50% wool, 50% luxury fibre (which may be silk, alpaca, camel,soy silk or trilobal nylon, or a mixture of several of these).