Carded Wool/Luxury Fibre Batt Set, 100g - 'Spring Shoots'


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A set of four co-ordinating fibre batts, totalling 100g, carded on my drumcarder several times for a thoroughly blended mix.  The colour of each batt is different, but they have been created to co-ordinate with each other, so you could use them either separately or together for an equally lovely effect.  Each batt is blended individually from a random mixture of fibres, chosen for colour and texture.  The batts all include a good proportion of hand-dyed wool (from a variety of different sheep breeds), along with small lots of various other luxurious non-wool fibres, which might include silk, alpaca, camel down and others.  Some of the batts include tweedy nepps, others include some silk noil or sari silk threads, a few contain a sprinkling of sparkly angelina fibre (nylon).  The precise composition is intended to be a mystery!

These smoothly blended batts are lofty and a dream to draft from, they're super for long-draw spinning, but work well with a worsted draw too.

The batts will come rolled into 'bumps' as shown in the photos.  I've opened out one of the bumps in the last photo to show the size and loftiness of the batt.

We haven't used any superwash fibre in these, so they should be suitable for wet felting.  They are also suitable for needle felting.

While we haven't intentionally included mohair, we can't guarantee that the fibre is totally mohair-free, as some of the oddments included for colour may have contained mohair fibre.  

Total fibre weight is approximately 100g.