Beginner's Drop Spindle Kit - Turquoise Striped


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A kit for new and learning spinners.  Contains one of our handmade basic drop spindles (a top whorl one with a hand forged stainless steel hook), which has 'spin' and 'ply' directions marked on the whorl.  Also contains 50g each of two easy to spin fibres: Coloured Ryeland sliver from our own sheep (really easy for beginners to spin) and 50g of another randomly chosen easy-to-spin wool which might be BFL, Corriedale, Merino or Shetland or English Wool Blend.  Also included is a loop of yarn, which is useful to loop over the spindle hook and practice twirling.

The spindle is especially designed to be robust enough to withstand a beginner's inevitable drops to the floor.  The stainless steel hook is really strong, and the wooden whorl will remain balanced even if it acquires some dings from being dropped.

Comes packed in a neat cotton drawstring bag, which is perfect for carrying your spinning project around with you.

This kit comes without instructions.  However, if you want a really good book about learning to spindle spin, I highly recommend Abby Franquemont's 'Respect the Spindle'.  I usually have some of these in stock - if you don't see a listing, please ask!