100g Luxury BFL, Silk, Rose, and Camel Down Fibre Blend: Pale Iris


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100 grams (3.5oz) of a luxurious blend of Bluefaced Leicester wool (43%), with natural Tussah silk (29%), camel down (14%) and rose fibre (14%).  Because the rose fibre is a cellulose fibre, it's remained undyed by the acid dyes used in this colourway, producing a pretty white-streaked mix.  The overal fibre blend looks a little lustrous and feels very soft due to the camel down.  It should spin up to give a soft and slightly textured yarn with which drapes beautifully.  There is no superwash fibre in this blend, so although I haven't tried it myself, it should be possible to felt it.


 While we try to photograph our fibre as accurately as possible, variations between monitors mean that your screen may not show the exact shade of the fibre in real life.  If you have any queries or are looking for a particular colour match, do message me, I'll try to help.