Ongoing Fibre Club Subscriptions

To start an ongoing subscription, please choose from one of the options below.

Please note, ongoing club subscriptions are arranged directly with Paypal, rather than going through our regular checkout process. Clicking one of the options below will take you through to, where you'll be walked through the signing up process.

All prices are per installment and include p&p. Your installment fee will be drawn every 60 days (i.e. 6 times a year) for as long as your membership continues.

Type of Membership UK Addresses International Addresses
100g Fibre £13.00 per installment

£13.00 per installment

200g Fibre £20.00 per installment
£22.00 per installment
300g Fibre

£28.00 per installment 


£30.00 per installment
400g Fibre

£36.00 per installment

£38.00 per installment


Installments are posted in January, March, May, July, September and November. Your first installment will be whichever is no less than 14 days ahead from your signup date.